"I met Lauren during one of her workshops on masculine and feminine energy. It was apparent to me that she invested time and focus into embodying the principles she taught. Within the meditative space she quickly read the class dynamics and understood how to project the energies of leadership, strength and captivation with a feminine touch.

The nature of Lauren’s work is healing on the holistic level, and she’s courageous enough to allow her vulnerability to become a reflection of strength. I’ve come to know she has a true passion for seeing better, healthier relationships, more intuitively attuned people who live organically in alignment with their natural energies. This kind of work is deep, a challenge for anyone feeling uncomfortable in his/her skin, and I’ve seen how Lauren practices a blend of teaching and guiding so the audience can step outside of their comfort zones bravely.

As a teammate, Lauren’s been a pleasure to create with. She’s a holistic thinker who values substance and impact, key qualities that will deliver meaning and transformation to the audience seeking to expand."

Trent R. 


"Lauren coached me very intuitively and with a lot of structure and gave me the necessary order in my life to see clearly what it is that I need to do next in order to grow and you were able to listen carefully and emphatically so that I could become very clear about what it is that I have to do next. She created a space for me that allowed me to emotionally venture into places that I wouldn't have been able to go to by myself and that created a lot of space and freedom in my own emotional and psychological life and made me realize all the opportunities available in my life. She also helped me to look at things in my life from a different perspective without imposing her own views onto me and that was very helpful. I always had the feeling that I was the one who came up with a solution or a better way for me as a subject. Her listening is really delicate. I felt really seen and listened to all the time. She is highly professional, highly dedicated and I felt really well taken care of by Lauren's very professional demeanor and clarity in her work ethic. I am very grateful for our connection and coaching relationship."

-Christoph F.


"When I started working with Lauren, I was expecting a pretty straightforward coaching experience around health and food.  Here’s what you should eat, when and why.  But, I got so much more.  Lauren’s approach to coaching is extremely holistic and personalized, showing me how food and health are the foundational cornerstones for a happy, successful life.... I took my low energy, tired and achy body and turned it into an energized, efficient machine.  Now, with a more solid awareness of and appreciation for how food, health, happiness and attitude are all interconnected, I have taken on new experiences and enhanced my relationships with those who count.  At age 54, I am singing with a band and taking saxophone lessons.  The old me would not have had the fortitude, confidence and energy to do things like this. Lauren’s intimate and disarming style allowed me to a build a trust in her that is rare, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to get the most out of life."

-Lisa M.


"My journey with Lauren started with our similar interests in eating healthy and nourishing our bodies.  My confidence level hinged on my own perception of my body image.  Most of the time I didn’t feel very good about myself and it would reflect in the way I dressed and my relationships. 

Lauren was able to create a new way of thinking, connecting my body and mind to appreciate who I actually was, to be me, and feel very comfortable with myself.  I am able to enjoy a peace within, without my self- inflicted stress.

This liberating feeling has greatly impacted my relationships, especially with my husband.  We are the closest we’ve been in 23 years.  Thank you Lauren!"

-Rebecca J.


"I had the pleasure of working with Lauren when I needed to make some necessary changes in my life. Our weekly sessions soon became something I looked forward to and learned a great deal from. We spoke about goals, road blocks and different ways to get on track to a healthier lifestyle. Our sessions explored many aspects of my life including eating habits, emotional, physical, and relationship issues.

I always found it very easy to talk to Lauren as she encourages openness and is non-judgmental. I loved having the resource of an intelligent, experienced health enthusiast; she loves to help people and is really good at it. Lauren introduced me to many tools I still use regularly. A new perspective on how to reach and maintain goals has changed me and the way I approach my life.

If you’re looking to make changes in your life a coach like Lauren can be a valuable tool.  She will guide you and devote herself to customized advice that creates an environment of trust and accountability. Lauren has good instincts, I know she bases her practice on hard work and diligent research. She gives good advice because she's an excellent listener."

-Nicole F.