The Only Constant Is Change (+ Poem)

I've been quiet lately because I've been fully stepping into my purpose as a Sex + Relationship Coach and a Spiritual Teacher of Love. 

Health coaching was a natural precursor to this work.

Think about it—would you regularly fill up and numb out on fries or ice cream or cocktails if everything was going well in your relationship and you felt filled with love's bliss? 

So why don't I just take one of my passions and make that my life's work? 

I've learned that it would never be enough. Each passion is icing on the cake of my life's purpose, but could never be my purpose. 

What I need in order to grow throughout my life and be fully self-expressed is communion with people. Which is also communion with love and life. 

Years ago a mentor had me imagine what my regrets would be on my deathbed. Those thoughts have never left my mind. 

That same mentor also taught me: the only constant is change. 

And so I continue on this beautiful, light-filled path. 

Now I teach conscious couples, who's strong passion for each other has dimmed, how to have deep intimacy, blissful love and transcendent sex. 

May you find a taste of that in this poem that I offer you:

His Touch Alone

He ever so lightly touched the back of my neck,
and every inch of my body responded.
He more than touched me physically;
he felt into me with his consciousness.
He was grounded, present. He was with me  body, mind and spirit.
His touch alone could have kept me alive for days or weeks or months.
But he kept going…

                                                  ~Lauren Malloy


With Love,