Stripping Down (+ Poem)

Never would I have thought that stripping down to nothing and being photographed could be Spiritual.

But I wasn't just stripping off my clothes, I was stripping down to my Soul.

Who I am underneath my ego, my wounds, my Masculine toughness and self-protectiveness, my excessive (sometimes irrational) calmness, my play-acting.

Naked in front of a camera, there's nowhere to hide.

And so my True nature was revealed.

My beauty, my limitless heart, my sexiness, my aliveness, my unabashedly radiant Feminine energy.

That day I fully discarded the masks that I rarely even realize I'm wearing.

I felt the Truth of who I am as I looked into the lens of a camera, operated a beautiful Soul, the two of us effortlessly coaxing out the True me.

I take that priceless gift with me out into the world, with the Desire to ignite it.


I begin to reveal the beauty that existed since my inception
That always existed
But was covered up by hundreds of fine, gossamer layers
Each layer appearing through the years
as I accepted and absorbed the hurt
And the wrong teachings
And the lower thoughts

Now I carefully and lovingly peel those layers back
Each one painful in it's own way as it's gently lifted
I'm rewarded by the openness and Light that I experience as each is released and floats away
Freeing me
Further revealing the Gem that I am