My Purpose (+ Poem)

I revealed my Soul recently.

My connection to it became reachable because I am fully living my Purpose,
the reason I came here.

Every memory, hurt, challenge, joy;
Was predetermined to lead me to my Purpose.

No tear, scream, laugh, fright, Triumph, struggle was wasted in it's Creation:

~Having my heart ripped out and smashed by a life partner (aided and abetted by me);

Sacred fertilizer for my Purpose

~Witnessing my best friend gorgeously and anciently giving birth to her Daughter;

More fertilizer

~Standing beside my beloved mom in the last hour of her life, gently caressing her forehead as I birthed her into another dimension;

Still more fertilizer

~Feeling and knowing that my sexual energy was Right even when the church or society said otherwise

~Knowing the sex I could have on a Soul level

~Experiencing True, Heart-Pulsating Connection and Communication

More, more, more fertilizer

And so my Purpose was revealed to me

I'm a Spiritual Teacher of Love + Sex
And an Excavator of Desires

I hold my bright Light and direct it to guide others to Deep Intimacy, Blissful Love and Transcendent Sex

Everything that happened before sparked my Desire to be a beacon of light moving forward

To serve others through a coaching union with me:

~Transmuting heart hurt to an unlimited capacity to love
~Revealing True Desires
~Creating fertile land for love (inner and outer)
~Calling in or rediscovering partners
~Living with full consciousness
~Being all of who you are in relationship and Purpose

This is what I do on Soul level.



Only one thing is needed to Live your Purpose, said Spirit

~Be all of who you are~
it whispered with love and magic

My heart ratcheted open in response
And I saw the beauty in myself
And the beauty in men
And the beauty in women

I resuscitated my lifeless connection to myself and the world

Transmuting my pain into Soul gold
Fuel for my life and Purpose

And I went out into the world

Holding the Higher Truth
Illuminating the Masculine and Feminine
Seeing the Souls of all I commune with
Spreading my flavor of Love and Teaching and Ability to the world

Endowed with a heart that loves no matter what

                        ~Lauren Malloy