Just Feel (+ Poem)

For many years I felt intimidated by the way our culture showcased sex.

It appeared too theatrical. Too over the top.

Adding in one more thing, to the point where there's numbness to what's actually going on.

It felt very calculated, disconnected, unconscious.

It didn't seem Real.

As I woke up more and more to my Spiritual nature and saw my life path unfolding, I saw the distortion in these demonstrations of sex.

As I remembered what my Spirit always knew, I soon found ecstasy in such simple actions—merely feeling my lover's strong hand squeeze my shoulder.

Feeling his energy and desire surge through me so that all I could do was gasp in pleasure and relief at the delicious, sharp sensations.

That one touch did more to me than any contorted position or toy ever could.

With everything stripped away, I could finally drop from my head into my body.

The place that had been unexplored for so long.

The place where everything resides.

I learned how to experience Enlightened Sex.


It begins the moment that you look at me
And continues as I let your gaze sear at my core
Causing a sudden sweat to emerge on my skin

I try to divert my attention to something much more mild
Yet I'm powerless as I Feel my energy hook into yours

Once that lock is set
I feebly try to break the spell again by engaging others in the same way
To no avail

When I return to you
You simply lay your beautiful hands on my hips and gently pull me closer
And everything else melts away

The lightest pressure on my skin
Causes monumental eruptions of sensation in my body
Almost overwhelming and yet it's pure bliss

Every movement is so simple and yet so unique

Time slows down and I'm living inside my body
No longer my head

This is where I've always longed to be
The place where I Feel and love everything

     ~~Lauren Malloy