Be Different (+ Poem)

I spent years trying to be like everyone else.

Until I realized being different is all that I can be.

How fun being me can really be.

I used to pour over magazines for hours trying to look and dress just like the models. Now I dress however I want, as flirtatiously as I want. And I do it for me more than for anyone else. It makes me feel alive.

I used to be obsessed with what to eat to keep my body in shape. Now I use what I've learned and enjoy what I eat. I feast.

I used to be more surface when talking to people. Now I connect my energy to theirs, listen with my Spirit and respond with love.

I used to have a job that allowed me to keep creating a life that wasn't what I wanted. Now I use my Whole self to create what I want and coach others to do the same, in a way that is unique and uniquely me.

I used to be disengaged during sex. Now I pay attention to every detail, I savor each point of contact. I'm fully in my body and it's engaged and turned on. And I'm grateful for each second. 

I used to think it was difficult to enjoy life. Now even the slightest breeze causes my vibration to rise and joy to surge through my body.


All those hours spent in contemplation
Of something that could never be me

The makeup, the magazines
The idle fantasizing
About things that weren't really True

They weren't me

What if I clear the screen of my imagination
And paint what I want there

And listen to the voice deep inside me
Which never steered me wrong

More and more I step into what I always knew
But pushed aside in favor of ready-made visions
That robbed me of my essence

The voice reminds me that I didn't come here to fit in
Being Different is the way
Being Me is the gift that I have to offer

            ~~Lauren Malloy