Pink Sparkly Energy

I always knew there was something more
I could feel it as a child
Way more than what I could see in the physical world
It was an energy that ran through me
It was sparkly pink in color

It was what I felt that was the key
Yet I was conditioned not to feel

Mercifully the feelings persistently bubbled to the surface

This energy, which is an inner knowing that Sprit gave me, has influenced everything as I surrendered to it:

~The joy and freedom found in proclaiming love for someone and not needing the declaration to be reciprocated

~Loving someone who is different from me in many ways, and actually loving him more because he is so different

~Being so connected to the miraculous universe that's inside me that I experience sex on a completely different level

~The freedom to feel desire for more than one person and being honest about it

~Feeling absolute rapture when doing something that gives pleasure to someone else

~Learning to love myself and then pouring that love out into the world

~The capacity to sit with someone and hold space for them as they undergo deep Transformation

~Cultivating my creative sexual energy and using it to call in what I want in my life

I experienced these things as I opened to my purpose. And it's my purpose to share it with you.