The Divine Masculine (+ Poem)

Years ago I accomplished major feats by barreling through and developing a tough part of myself that in hindsight felt Masculine but was really just fear disguised as power.

Yet compared to the complacent, docile person I was before I was Tested, this seemed like a much better option.

I reacted way more than I responded.

I let my anger fuel me unnecessarily.

I closed myself off to a lot of people.

Being fake Masculine ultimately got me what I wanted and it also dragged situations out and didn't feel good. And I always had adrenaline surging through me.

The thing for me was to realize how I had been using the Masculine from a place of weakness.

The Masculine that I now know is Divine. Assured in It's power.

Now I'm more Divine Feminine than Masculine and I know that I need both. I want both. I am both.

The Divine Masculine is True power from a place of self-love, acceptance and self-reliance.

It's power, but it's not superficial outwards signs of it; it's to-the-core strength and integrity, confidence, courage, direction and purpose. It's magic.


The Divine Masculine

It feels heady
This unknown Masculine

Raw, untapped power
Coursing through my body
Felt as a jagged energy
Looking for an outlet
Quickly realizing I should look to the core instead
Where it all starts

Not fixating on what's outside
Paying slow, steady attention to my inside

Pulsing power
Strong yet tender
Aware of everything
Focusing on my mission
Shutting out all distractions
Calmly creating a picture of what I want
And holding it there with my Will
Using the power flowing through me to create it in the outside world

  ~~Lauren Malloy