Spiritual Sex

Spiritual Sex - Halloween.jpg

For years I kept sex on the side, treating it like an add-on to my life.

I didn't think it was as important as the rest.

I wasn’t taught about sex in a way that made it feel natural, healthy, necessary.

From my limited perception, grew a desire to know sex as something more.

My desire was to know sex as something Spiritual. (And no, I don't mean religious).

Sex as a direct way to touch Spirit.

Spirit, meaning the highest part of yourself.

Experiencing sex in this way feels alive, feels connected, feels beautiful, feels transformative.

It feels like coming home.

Because that's the energy that created you.

This is the magic that I felt in my sexual energy as a little girl.

Before I learned to hide it.

This kind of sex can be thought of as Medicine.

Healthy, connected sex impacts the rest of your life.

Spiritual sex is at the heart of my coaching practice.

Being connected spiritually to your sex, shifts everything else in your life.

Honesty, kindness, aliveness, buoyant energy, connection and creativity flow.

My mission is to awaken one and all to the magic that is life itself.

And it starts with creative, sexual energy.

If what I've written stirs something inside of you, contact me, and we'll arrange time for a discovery call.

On that call you'll realize what your desires are, what's holding you back from having them and we'll talk about how we can work together so that you get what you want.

With love,