It's Me

Its Me.jpg

I was always looking for one answer

The absolute truth

The one "thing" that will fix everything

Getting so high on the expectation that this will fulfill all my desires

And being crestfallen when it didn't live up to expectations or I lost interest or it's power wore off

Until I realized all those beautiful things I found were tools

But they could never replace the most important ingredient in the mix


By placing power outside of myself, I was neglecting the Higher Truth:

I am the one that I've been searching for

As I listened more deeply to my inner being

I saw my Spiritual power

As I expanded my awareness and used my tools with greater clarity

I found such joy in all things

Especially in me. I felt my power. My Spirit. 

This gave me the ability to feel pure love for myself and all things

To create and be in my life, fully grounded in all that I am

Which flows out to everyone and everything that comes into contact with me

And has them see that they have that power, too

The feeling of that love, without needing reciprocation, and knowing that I am the Source of it and create it with my Intention, is one of the most joyous and liberating I've ever experienced

And the exhilarating cycle continues over and over again...

Much love,

Photo credit: Joshua Bobrove