A Relationship With Myself

Relationship with Me.jpg

What does it mean to have a relationship with myself?

It starts by noticing completely, that I am whole. In this moment and always

No one will ever complete me, because I am already am

And yes, this means everyone else is whole and complete, too!

Someone can enhance me, light me up, shine me up…and I am already extraordinary as I am
I am absolute and they are there to play with in me in divine rapture, our Spirits reveling together

It's taking responsibility for what's mine
If you do something that upsets me, it's up to me as to how I react; it's up to me whether or not I take it personally

It's checking in with myself, using my intuition to feel into what's right
It's making clear agreements with myself

It's being so in tune with myself, with what my needs are and what feels right that I'm able to feel/see/know

what I'm ok with and not ok with in how my lover treats me, or how anyone else does
And it's exercising extreme compassion in how I explain that to anyone

It's knowing what gives me pleasure and allowing myself to fully experience and enjoy it

It's knowing what I want and asking for it, and being aware that I might not always get it
And realizing that it's the act of asking, with love and compassion (for myself and the other person), that is the Liberation

It's being clear on what makes me happy and believing it's good and right for me to be happy

It's really getting it that I don't need to be fixed by anyone, not even myself!
It's knowing the expansion of my consciousness will have me notice and adjust what does not serve me and shifting those wrong perceptions

It's developing such sensitive inner knowing so that anger, irritation and sadness do not derail me
But have me wake up and see that these are all the ways my higher self is talking to me
I notice what they are saying and adjust accordingly, giving birth to new desires

It's feeling connected when I'm by myself

It's knowing what I like and nourishing myself with it
It's taking care of myself, by the things I do and even better, by the words I tell myself

It's excitedly engaging in anything I'm doing alone—laughing hysterically at a funny movie, walking in the sunshine in full consciousness, taking in all the energy and beauty of every display in a museum

It's putting as much attention on self pleasure as I would when I'm with a partner and being willing to be spontaneous

It's being spontaneous with anything when I am by myself!

It's laughing at and with myself
It's having fun with myself
It's being bold by myself
It's taking myself out on a date

It's finding and connecting to that space deep inside me
Reconnecting to that infinite part of me

Realizing that I'm never alone
Grounded in me

It's probing my consciousness
And being clear and rooted as I ask it questions and record the answers

It's weaving this Divine pattern of Love, Joy and relatedness

It's delighting in this Divine enfoldment that is distinctly mine
And ever so gently unfolding it into All That I Am

Much Love,