My Desires + Purpose

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The desire to become a coach snuck up on me

It was born out of many things in my life being dissatisfying

The deeply buried desire was to be fully Who I Am

Not to have a career that was uninspiring or stressed me unduly

Not to be in a relationship where there was no longer a True connection

Not to neglect my desire for something sexually dynamic, to the point that I felt disconnection

To bring all of me to the surface

I never anticipated how coaching would stretch me as a person, wake me up, have me ~feel~

It turned everything upside down… and the same time, very right-side up

I finally woke up and realized that I wanted to be All of Me, and that I could be

That I was actually made to give my gifts

To help others find their desires and gifts and live them too

I decided that I was enough and I could create the life I desired, whatever that looked like

And I dared to pursue it

Doing things that scared me and pushed me to my edge, but that deep inside I knew were the keys to feeling fully alive

Which has always been my ultimate desire

~To feel fully alive and in the moment~

Appreciating everything

Thankful for every step along the way to what I'm creating

Which I allow to shift and change, if I so desire it

I so appreciate that I get to do this work

That I get to hold space as my clients dream

Holding their vision for them

Coaxing out the amazing desires and visions that lay deep within them

~Witnessing a client own his Masculinity and pursue Feminine women

~Holding sacred space for another man as he questioned his sexuality

~Facilitating as a client realized that the way he was doing one thing was the way he was doing everything (and not liking the results) and changing course to get what he wanted

~Deeply connecting to a client who dared explore more than one ongoing sexual relationship where she was open and honest with all involved

~Seeing another client so inspired that she started pursuing her dream of moving to another country by herself

And all the while, experiencing my own Great journey, as I walk right alongside them

Not as expert (that would mean I'm done learning, which I will never be), but as a champion of them

Seeing their greatness and reflecting it back to them

Feeling love and awe as I feel more and more people waking up

Realizing they can have more in this life

That they were born to have more

Whether it's in a sexual relationship, the relationship with themselves, with their Purpose…And with Life itself

This is the beauty of how I get to live my Purpose
What are your desires and Purpose?

If want to explore them, click on the contact link at the bottom of this page and let me know ♥

With Love,