I'm a certified coach, a Spiritual Teacher of relationship, love and sex, and a Poet.

My purpose is to use my love and enthusiasm to awaken, uplift and embolden others in creating a deliberate life filled with love and magic.

I give expression to my purpose through blog posts and articles I write, the workshops I lead and through my coaching.

I work with people are who ready to create magic in their relationship with themselves, their partners, their purpose and life.

My education in relationships, Love and sex has been ongoing for over 25 years. Everything I experience in my life I use in my coaching.

I received my first coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am also certified in the Quantum Coaching Method™ and I'm a graduate of OneTaste's coaching program. I'm also a Facilitator of PSYCH-K®, a process for rapid mindset change.  

My Spiritual nature was revealed through years of meditation, loving the light and dark within me, through the exquisite expansion of my consciousness, the development of my connection to Nature, and the discovery of the breathtaking Universe inside me.


I was called to do this work because I was married to someone once who I was madly in love with, but I fell asleep during the marriage and lost it. Even though I was asleep, the truth is there was a part of me, my Higher Self, that saw everything that was happening but wasn't able to do a thing because I was in too much pain because the relationship was so different than it was in the beginning. Now I'm on a mission to wake people up and hold them to the higher truth that my higher self knew back then, so they don't have to go through what I did.

The higher truth is that love can be revived and deepened.

Now I work with conscious people, who desire deep intimacy, blissful love and transcendent sex.


As I continue to do this work, Spirit guides me and showed me how to reveal my Soul.

My connection to it became reachable because I am fully living my Purpose,
the reason I came here.

Every memory, hurt, challenge, joy;
Was predetermined to lead me to my Purpose.

No tear, scream, laugh, fright, Triumph, struggle was wasted in it's Creation:

~Having my heart ripped out and smashed by a life partner (aided and abetted by me);

Sacred fertilizer for my Purpose

~Witnessing my best friend gorgeously and anciently giving birth to her Daughter;

More fertilizer

~Standing beside my beloved mom in the last hour of her life, gently caressing her forehead as I birthed her into another dimension;

Still more fertilizer

~Feeling and knowing that my sexual energy was Right even when the church or society said otherwise
~Knowing the sex I could have on a Soul level
~Experiencing True, Heart-Pulsating Connection and Communication

More, more, more fertilizer

And so my Purpose was revealed to me

I'm a Spiritual Teacher of Love + Sex
And an Excavator of Desires

I hold my bright Light and direct it to guide others to Deep Intimacy, Blissful Love and Transcendent Sex

Everything that happened before sparked my Desire to be a beacon of light moving forward

To serve others through a coaching union with me:

~Transmuting heart hurt to an unlimited capacity to love
~Revealing True Desires
~Creating fertile land for love (inner and outer)
~Calling in or rediscovering partners
~Living in full consciousness
~Being all of who you are in relationship and Purpose

This is what I do on Soul level.