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"But I want purpose-filled work, a conscious partnership—and have a true connection to myself!" she declared.

"You can have all of those things" I replied.


Hi there, I'm Lauren.

I'm a certified coach, spiritual teacher of all relationships, belief change co-creator, poet and writer.

I also receive Reiki with my cat Pia once a week, I let my bare legs out in wintertime and I love country songs that let me feel a man's heart.

My path as a one-on-one coach was created through rupture and love, and given unique form through coaching certifications, personal coaching, belief change work, deep communication and relationships, and being surrendered to and immersed in Life.

I am here to guide you in showing up fully in your life

To step into your confidence and self-esteem

To expand with less resistance

To allow success (whatever that means for you)

To be seen and visible, no longer holding back your Light

I am here to hold your vision as you powerfully follow through and create that in the world

I am here to see and witness you as you grow into the person who can have the things you want, as you embrace your whole self—the darkness too—with love

I am here to empower you to create passionate connection with a partner, your sexuality and a vocation (while creating passionate connection with yourself along the way).

Don't think you can have all that? A coach taught me a long time ago that the way you do one thing is the way you everything.

As you change your beliefs about Life and tap into the wellspring of vision and power that's inside you, your world gets reconfigured. Are you ready for that? If so, scroll below and enter your email address to get started.

May you powerfully activate what lies within you!

Much love,


He looked at me thoughtfully as he mulled over my question. I had asked him what the benefits had been in our coaching relationship. Then he said,

"I was so used to coaches telling me what to do, that when you asked me what to do, I wasn't sure I liked that. And then I realized: you guide and I lead."

I once worked with a coach who read an intake form that included various questions that I had answered about my desires, which she then interpreted through her own belief system and projected that vision onto me to put into action. To say that I struggled mercilessly would be an understatement.

To me, a true coaching relationship is an intimate dance between coach and client, filled with integrity and trust, with desires and actions born from the client.  I may intuit a desire or an action based on the energy of the session and in service to the client, but it must feel right to the client.  

A deep truth is that a coach isn't going to do the work for you to create what you want in your life, but empower you and hold space for you do it yourself.

Learning, growth, authentic power and true connection to Life are the beautiful results.

Much love,

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"I notice a woman who more and more has come to love herself as she is, coaxing out an even more powerful version of It"

"I turned my attention back to me
To my sacred focal point
To take care of myself on all levels
Knowing ever more deeply that I am the only one who can and is supposed to do it"

"That experience gave me the gift of knowing and being the Love that I am, and therefore allowing me to love him in a deeper and truer way, all the while knowing we would no longer be together."

"Everything that falls away will always be a part of me,
If only as a memory;
But it has served it's purpose and is no longer needed"

"~Letting myself cry daringly with Feeling and in full consciousness and connection as we make love
Knowing the freedom in surrendering as the Divine Feminine
And allowing the force of love and Nature and Spirit flow through me during sex
Peering keenly into each other's eyes until we can't tell one body from the other"