As much as I wanted to be committed and close to a partner

The idea of commitment had been programmed into my mind in a way that didn't feel good

It didn't feel free, which is also what I want!

After thinking for so long that I could only have one or the other

I am blessed to have found and done work to re-program my mind with new, expansive beliefs about commitment

I choose to fuse commitment ~and~ freedom.

What does this look like?

~It's deliberate sex—being aware and present, opening to what's wanted in the moment

Imaginative expressions of pleasure

Talking about what we'd like and not like

And saying it all with full awareness and fierce love + compassion

~Being open to (and even wanting!) the dynamic between us changing

It's adventure and fun and laughter and improvisation

Allowing ourselves and each other to grow and change

And knowing that through this growth we might feel it's no longer right to be together

And being brave enough to let go

~Spending time together in full consciousness, not getting lulled into a routine

Being present and listening with our Whole self and not judging or fixing

And when something irritates us in the other person, looking to see where we do this too

Owning our mistakes, noticing where we can grow, and being transparent

~Letting myself cry daringly with Feeling and in full consciousness and connection as we make love

Knowing the freedom in surrendering as the Divine Feminine

And allowing the force of love and Nature and Spirit flow through me during sex

Peering keenly into each other's eyes until we can't tell one body from the other

~Retaining Who I Am with full clarity and certainty

Living my Purpose in a Divinely Feminine way

Which enhances who I am when I'm with my partner

And holding the same space for him to pursue his Mission

~Having the relationship with ~myself~ be my Primary relationship

And from that place of Wholeness, connecting meaningfully over and over again with Him

With Love,

Photo Credit: Joshua Bobrove

It's Me

Its Me.jpg

I was always looking for one answer

The absolute truth

The one "thing" that will fix everything

Getting so high on the expectation that this will fulfill all my desires

And being crestfallen when it didn't live up to expectations or I lost interest or it's power wore off

Until I realized all those beautiful things I found were tools

But they could never replace the most important ingredient in the mix


By placing power outside of myself, I was neglecting the Higher Truth:

I am the one that I've been searching for

As I listened more deeply to my inner being

I saw my Spiritual power

As I expanded my awareness and used my tools with greater clarity

I found such joy in all things

Especially in me. I felt my power. My Spirit. 

This gave me the ability to feel pure love for myself and all things

To create and be in my life, fully grounded in all that I am

Which flows out to everyone and everything that comes into contact with me

And has them see that they have that power, too

The feeling of that love, without needing reciprocation, and knowing that I am the Source of it and create it with my Intention, is one of the most joyous and liberating I've ever experienced

And the exhilarating cycle continues over and over again...

Much love,

Photo credit: Joshua Bobrove

My Desires + Purpose

New Year.jpg

The desire to become a coach snuck up on me

It was born out of many things in my life being dissatisfying

The deeply buried desire was to be fully Who I Am

Not to have a career that was uninspiring or stressed me unduly

Not to be in a relationship where there was no longer a True connection

Not to neglect my desire for something sexually dynamic, to the point that I felt disconnection

To bring all of me to the surface

I never anticipated how coaching would stretch me as a person, wake me up, have me ~feel~

It turned everything upside down… and the same time, very right-side up

I finally woke up and realized that I wanted to be All of Me, and that I could be

That I was actually made to give my gifts

To help others find their desires and gifts and live them too

I decided that I was enough and I could create the life I desired, whatever that looked like

And I dared to pursue it

Doing things that scared me and pushed me to my edge, but that deep inside I knew were the keys to feeling fully alive

Which has always been my ultimate desire

~To feel fully alive and in the moment~

Appreciating everything

Thankful for every step along the way to what I'm creating

Which I allow to shift and change, if I so desire it

I so appreciate that I get to do this work

That I get to hold space as my clients dream

Holding their vision for them

Coaxing out the amazing desires and visions that lay deep within them

~Witnessing a client own his Masculinity and pursue Feminine women

~Holding sacred space for another man as he questioned his sexuality

~Facilitating as a client realized that the way he was doing one thing was the way he was doing everything (and not liking the results) and changing course to get what he wanted

~Deeply connecting to a client who dared explore more than one ongoing sexual relationship where she was open and honest with all involved

~Seeing another client so inspired that she started pursuing her dream of moving to another country by herself

And all the while, experiencing my own Great journey, as I walk right alongside them

Not as expert (that would mean I'm done learning, which I will never be), but as a champion of them

Seeing their greatness and reflecting it back to them

Feeling love and awe as I feel more and more people waking up

Realizing they can have more in this life

That they were born to have more

Whether it's in a sexual relationship, the relationship with themselves, with their Purpose…And with Life itself

This is the beauty of how I get to live my Purpose
What are your desires and Purpose?

If want to explore them, click on the contact link at the bottom of this page and let me know ♥

With Love,

Spiritual Sex

Spiritual Sex - Halloween.jpg

For years I kept sex on the side, treating it like an add-on to my life.

I didn't think it was as important as the rest.

I wasn’t taught about sex in a way that made it feel natural, healthy, necessary.

From my limited perception, grew a desire to know sex as something more.

My desire was to know sex as something Spiritual. (And no, I don't mean religious).

Sex as a direct way to touch Spirit.

Spirit, meaning the highest part of yourself.

Experiencing sex in this way feels alive, feels connected, feels beautiful, feels transformative.

It feels like coming home.

Because that's the energy that created you.

This is the magic that I felt in my sexual energy as a little girl.

Before I learned to hide it.

This kind of sex can be thought of as Medicine.

Healthy, connected sex impacts the rest of your life.

Spiritual sex is at the heart of my coaching practice.

Being connected spiritually to your sex, shifts everything else in your life.

Honesty, kindness, aliveness, buoyant energy, connection and creativity flow.

My mission is to awaken one and all to the magic that is life itself.

And it starts with creative, sexual energy.

If what I've written stirs something inside of you, contact me, and we'll arrange time for a discovery call.

On that call you'll realize what your desires are, what's holding you back from having them and we'll talk about how we can work together so that you get what you want.

With love,


Love All of Me (+ Poem)


At one time I thought that if there were a lot of people in my life who loved me and therefore made me feel good about myself, I would be truly happy

I realized this wasn't the case

I realized it the hard way

I realized it when I lost them to death or breakups or misunderstands or busyness

These people were so important to me and I mourned the losses

And yet they were just masking the fact that I had to be the one who made me feel good about me

To really love myself

To love ALL the parts of myself

Especially the darkest parts that I never wanted to own

I spent too long hating those dark parts and trying to annihilate them from my very being

Not wanting to accept that they will always be a part of me

But finally, mercifully learning that seeing them, loving them and not letting them control me is the only way to be free

Resisting them only made them stronger

The only way to love myself completely is to love all of me

And learn from it all  

Shadow Side

You're the one who truly taught me to love

It's not only the Light that's beautiful
But also the Dark

This Shadow that caused me to want to jump out of my very skin
The one that opposed the masks of Light that I wore
The one I kept hidden like the well-behaved girl I was raised to be

This part who I pushed away and disowned for so long

Taught me to love every part of me
Because that part has much wisdom in it
And much love

And a way to freedom

~Lauren Malloy

The Divine Masculine (+ Poem)

Years ago I accomplished major feats by barreling through and developing a tough part of myself that in hindsight felt Masculine but was really just fear disguised as power.

Yet compared to the complacent, docile person I was before I was Tested, this seemed like a much better option.

I reacted way more than I responded.

I let my anger fuel me unnecessarily.

I closed myself off to a lot of people.

Being fake Masculine ultimately got me what I wanted and it also dragged situations out and didn't feel good. And I always had adrenaline surging through me.

The thing for me was to realize how I had been using the Masculine from a place of weakness.

The Masculine that I now know is Divine. Assured in It's power.

Now I'm more Divine Feminine than Masculine and I know that I need both. I want both. I am both.

The Divine Masculine is True power from a place of self-love, acceptance and self-reliance.

It's power, but it's not superficial outwards signs of it; it's to-the-core strength and integrity, confidence, courage, direction and purpose. It's magic.


The Divine Masculine

It feels heady
This unknown Masculine

Raw, untapped power
Coursing through my body
Felt as a jagged energy
Looking for an outlet
Quickly realizing I should look to the core instead
Where it all starts

Not fixating on what's outside
Paying slow, steady attention to my inside

Pulsing power
Strong yet tender
Aware of everything
Focusing on my mission
Shutting out all distractions
Calmly creating a picture of what I want
And holding it there with my Will
Using the power flowing through me to create it in the outside world

  ~~Lauren Malloy

Pink Sparkly Energy

I always knew there was something more
I could feel it as a child
Way more than what I could see in the physical world
It was an energy that ran through me
It was sparkly pink in color

It was what I felt that was the key
Yet I was conditioned not to feel

Mercifully the feelings persistently bubbled to the surface

This energy, which is an inner knowing that Sprit gave me, has influenced everything as I surrendered to it:

~The joy and freedom found in proclaiming love for someone and not needing the declaration to be reciprocated

~Loving someone who is different from me in many ways, and actually loving him more because he is so different

~Being so connected to the miraculous universe that's inside me that I experience sex on a completely different level

~The freedom to feel desire for more than one person and being honest about it

~Feeling absolute rapture when doing something that gives pleasure to someone else

~Learning to love myself and then pouring that love out into the world

~The capacity to sit with someone and hold space for them as they undergo deep Transformation

~Cultivating my creative sexual energy and using it to call in what I want in my life

I experienced these things as I opened to my purpose. And it's my purpose to share it with you.


Be Different (+ Poem)

I spent years trying to be like everyone else.

Until I realized being different is all that I can be.

How fun being me can really be.

I used to pour over magazines for hours trying to look and dress just like the models. Now I dress however I want, as flirtatiously as I want. And I do it for me more than for anyone else. It makes me feel alive.

I used to be obsessed with what to eat to keep my body in shape. Now I use what I've learned and enjoy what I eat. I feast.

I used to be more surface when talking to people. Now I connect my energy to theirs, listen with my Spirit and respond with love.

I used to have a job that allowed me to keep creating a life that wasn't what I wanted. Now I use my Whole self to create what I want and coach others to do the same, in a way that is unique and uniquely me.

I used to be disengaged during sex. Now I pay attention to every detail, I savor each point of contact. I'm fully in my body and it's engaged and turned on. And I'm grateful for each second. 

I used to think it was difficult to enjoy life. Now even the slightest breeze causes my vibration to rise and joy to surge through my body.


All those hours spent in contemplation
Of something that could never be me

The makeup, the magazines
The idle fantasizing
About things that weren't really True

They weren't me

What if I clear the screen of my imagination
And paint what I want there

And listen to the voice deep inside me
Which never steered me wrong

More and more I step into what I always knew
But pushed aside in favor of ready-made visions
That robbed me of my essence

The voice reminds me that I didn't come here to fit in
Being Different is the way
Being Me is the gift that I have to offer

            ~~Lauren Malloy

Just Feel (+ Poem)

For many years I felt intimidated by the way our culture showcased sex.

It appeared too theatrical. Too over the top.

Adding in one more thing, to the point where there's numbness to what's actually going on.

It felt very calculated, disconnected, unconscious.

It didn't seem Real.

As I woke up more and more to my Spiritual nature and saw my life path unfolding, I saw the distortion in these demonstrations of sex.

As I remembered what my Spirit always knew, I soon found ecstasy in such simple actions—merely feeling my lover's strong hand squeeze my shoulder.

Feeling his energy and desire surge through me so that all I could do was gasp in pleasure and relief at the delicious, sharp sensations.

That one touch did more to me than any contorted position or toy ever could.

With everything stripped away, I could finally drop from my head into my body.

The place that had been unexplored for so long.

The place where everything resides.

I learned how to experience Enlightened Sex.


It begins the moment that you look at me
And continues as I let your gaze sear at my core
Causing a sudden sweat to emerge on my skin

I try to divert my attention to something much more mild
Yet I'm powerless as I Feel my energy hook into yours

Once that lock is set
I feebly try to break the spell again by engaging others in the same way
To no avail

When I return to you
You simply lay your beautiful hands on my hips and gently pull me closer
And everything else melts away

The lightest pressure on my skin
Causes monumental eruptions of sensation in my body
Almost overwhelming and yet it's pure bliss

Every movement is so simple and yet so unique

Time slows down and I'm living inside my body
No longer my head

This is where I've always longed to be
The place where I Feel and love everything

     ~~Lauren Malloy

Surrender (+ Poem)

For a long time I thought my divorce had left me broken.

That somehow I had relationships all figured out before the breakup and now I had lost my groove.

A sharp realization sometime afterwards let me know that it didn't matter how many relationships I had been in or even that I had been married, I simply did not know how to be in a relationship, let alone one that my partner and I could thrive in.

When I met my ex husband, I was feeling the most magnetic I'd felt up until then.

His magnetism, however, blew mine out of the water and I could do nothing but blindly surrender to him.

That was the thing though—I surrendered blindly. Without consciousness.

And with it went what I needed most—my boundaries, my hidden desires, my passion, my sense of self.

And these things that I needed so badly were nowhere near coming close to being developed in any way.

And they would never get to be developed with him.

And that is all on me.

What I had taken on as my truth over the years through my interactions with men and what I interpreted through what I heard in the media and society is that a woman should be low maintenance.

That she shouldn't speak the truth to her man if he acted inappropriately. (Most of the time it didn't even register in me what the truth was, that's how unconscious I had become).

That she shouldn't talk too much—just let him be.

That she shouldn't demand too much attention, just play it cool.

That she shouldn't be clear on what her deep desires are.

So I pushed down all my needs and desires until a deep resentment formed where neither of us were ever going to get what we wanted.

And then I wondered why this man who felt his needs weren't being met either, looked elsewhere.

I know that relationship was a gift and one that was offered to me for my highest Growth and to serve my Purpose.

And the words below are what I now know to be true of a Real relationship.

What my Soul always knew was True.

Surrendered Love

Ohhh this feels so different
As I pivot my body to meet your gaze directly
And hold it steadily

Anchored in my body
Buzzing with electricity
Seeing the holiness in you
Acknowledging the divinity in me

Feeling your desire for me
As if it were something tangible

Profoundly aware of my hunger for you

I spiral down into the core of myself
Feeling inside for what I know to be True

Telling you what I see, with compassion
And what I need, with care
And challenging you to do the same

Receiving it All with Love

With these simple, powerful, heartfelt acts
I can feel and see energetic tendrils
Branch out from each of us
And begin to merge

Our physical forms take over
As extensions of our energy

I let go in Feminine ecstasy
Into the beautiful, strong form that your Masculine is holding

Both of us alive in acknowledgement and awe
Of the fiery, Surrendered Love that we've created

            ~Lauren Malloy

My Purpose (+ Poem)

I revealed my Soul recently.

My connection to it became reachable because I am fully living my Purpose,
the reason I came here.

Every memory, hurt, challenge, joy;
Was predetermined to lead me to my Purpose.

No tear, scream, laugh, fright, Triumph, struggle was wasted in it's Creation:

~Having my heart ripped out and smashed by a life partner (aided and abetted by me);

Sacred fertilizer for my Purpose

~Witnessing my best friend gorgeously and anciently giving birth to her Daughter;

More fertilizer

~Standing beside my beloved mom in the last hour of her life, gently caressing her forehead as I birthed her into another dimension;

Still more fertilizer

~Feeling and knowing that my sexual energy was Right even when the church or society said otherwise

~Knowing the sex I could have on a Soul level

~Experiencing True, Heart-Pulsating Connection and Communication

More, more, more fertilizer

And so my Purpose was revealed to me

I'm a Spiritual Teacher of Love + Sex
And an Excavator of Desires

I hold my bright Light and direct it to guide others to Deep Intimacy, Blissful Love and Transcendent Sex

Everything that happened before sparked my Desire to be a beacon of light moving forward

To serve others through a coaching union with me:

~Transmuting heart hurt to an unlimited capacity to love
~Revealing True Desires
~Creating fertile land for love (inner and outer)
~Calling in or rediscovering partners
~Living with full consciousness
~Being all of who you are in relationship and Purpose

This is what I do on Soul level.



Only one thing is needed to Live your Purpose, said Spirit

~Be all of who you are~
it whispered with love and magic

My heart ratcheted open in response
And I saw the beauty in myself
And the beauty in men
And the beauty in women

I resuscitated my lifeless connection to myself and the world

Transmuting my pain into Soul gold
Fuel for my life and Purpose

And I went out into the world

Holding the Higher Truth
Illuminating the Masculine and Feminine
Seeing the Souls of all I commune with
Spreading my flavor of Love and Teaching and Ability to the world

Endowed with a heart that loves no matter what

                        ~Lauren Malloy





Stripping Down (+ Poem)

Never would I have thought that stripping down to nothing and being photographed could be Spiritual.

But I wasn't just stripping off my clothes, I was stripping down to my Soul.

Who I am underneath my ego, my wounds, my Masculine toughness and self-protectiveness, my excessive (sometimes irrational) calmness, my play-acting.

Naked in front of a camera, there's nowhere to hide.

And so my True nature was revealed.

My beauty, my limitless heart, my sexiness, my aliveness, my unabashedly radiant Feminine energy.

That day I fully discarded the masks that I rarely even realize I'm wearing.

I felt the Truth of who I am as I looked into the lens of a camera, operated a beautiful Soul, the two of us effortlessly coaxing out the True me.

I take that priceless gift with me out into the world, with the Desire to ignite it.


I begin to reveal the beauty that existed since my inception
That always existed
But was covered up by hundreds of fine, gossamer layers
Each layer appearing through the years
as I accepted and absorbed the hurt
And the wrong teachings
And the lower thoughts

Now I carefully and lovingly peel those layers back
Each one painful in it's own way as it's gently lifted
I'm rewarded by the openness and Light that I experience as each is released and floats away
Freeing me
Further revealing the Gem that I am


Living From Desire (+ Poem)

I was raised Catholic and desire is something I was not taught to think about. Ever!

But just like amazing sex, desires can heal.

As I think of my desires, I feel a warm, open, fluttery sensation in my heart center.

I distinctly feel my heartbeat speed up and the fog that stubbornly resides in my head clears.

I'm expanded and open to possibilities.

When I feel into and pursue my desires, I'm living as my True self who fiercely wants me to be the person I came here to be. And my desires fuel that.

I didn't come here to suffer needlessly or stay small. Neither did you.

My inner catholic school girl is squirming but I'm going to do it anyway:

What am I desiring in this moment?

~a day to go hiking with my aunt
~laughing deeply with fellow travelers on my path
~another night out at that restaurant with my ladies where we had the most delicious food ever
~that sexy black dress (and those shoes!) that I saw online
~to feel sexy, happy, turned-on, glowy and mischievous
~a date with that masculine man who causes me to think about him long after he's out of sight
~kissing that man as I pay perfect attention to every sensation that arises in my body

Much better.

Excavating My Desires

Long overdue, I silence my ego mind.
The part of myself that shuts down every True impulse and Desire.
No easy task, but I am not easily dissuaded.
Especially now.
I've been tunneling toward my Desires for years.
Detours abound. But Desire is determined.
It's the fuel of my life now. A lifeline.
Can I really let myself have everything that I want?
How could I not. God knows I've tried everything else.
Now I feel into my body—the very thing I've avoided for so long.
With proper attention, it lights up like a spark,
pointing me in the direction that I need to go.
       ~Lauren Malloy

How I Used To Be (+ Poem)

One of my life lessons is that I get lost in intimate relationships.

In the past this led me to make decisions that I've quietly regretted, harboring resentment towards the other person (and myself) that came across as coldness or lack of attention.

What would have helped me greatly is the question: "What do I want?"

But I didn't know I could ask that. Growing up I did what was expected of me… be a good daughter, go to college and get good grades (completing it in the acceptable timeframe), get a good, steady job that provided benefits. Get married, buy a house and plan for kids.

It turns out I didn't want most of those things—except being the good daughter of course ;). So I ended up un-doing most of those decisions in order to be free.

Which leads me to ask the all important question:

What do I want?

I want it all. I want to be free in an intimate relationship….where my partner and I are both fully living as our True selves and are connected to each other and the world.

What do YOU want?

With Love,

Letting Go

What if I could relax my rigidness,
and let go of all those unhelpful rules that my mind has collected over the years.
And slipped instead into how I really feel,
and what I really want—at my True core.
And give you the space to do the same.
How would that feel?
What could we create being our True selves.

                                ~Lauren Malloy

The Only Constant Is Change (+ Poem)

I've been quiet lately because I've been fully stepping into my purpose as a Sex + Relationship Coach and a Spiritual Teacher of Love. 

Health coaching was a natural precursor to this work.

Think about it—would you regularly fill up and numb out on fries or ice cream or cocktails if everything was going well in your relationship and you felt filled with love's bliss? 

So why don't I just take one of my passions and make that my life's work? 

I've learned that it would never be enough. Each passion is icing on the cake of my life's purpose, but could never be my purpose. 

What I need in order to grow throughout my life and be fully self-expressed is communion with people. Which is also communion with love and life. 

Years ago a mentor had me imagine what my regrets would be on my deathbed. Those thoughts have never left my mind. 

That same mentor also taught me: the only constant is change. 

And so I continue on this beautiful, light-filled path. 

Now I teach conscious couples, who's strong passion for each other has dimmed, how to have deep intimacy, blissful love and transcendent sex. 

May you find a taste of that in this poem that I offer you:

His Touch Alone

He ever so lightly touched the back of my neck,
and every inch of my body responded.
He more than touched me physically;
he felt into me with his consciousness.
He was grounded, present. He was with me  body, mind and spirit.
His touch alone could have kept me alive for days or weeks or months.
But he kept going…

                                                  ~Lauren Malloy


With Love,

The Cave + The Treasure (+ Recipe + Video)

During my years of self development, quotes have always helped solidify what I was feeling inside but couldn't articulate.

The best quotes rocked me to the core and gave me necessary clarity.

There was one recently that helped me make sense of something that I've been drawn to like a moth to a flame but couldn't fully embrace:

"The cave you are most afraid to enter is the one that holds the treasure you seek"  - Joseph Campbell

This is why I find myself going toward things that scare the crap out of me!

And why it's so worth it to continue to press through the fear....

~I want the treasure
~I want to never sleepwalk through my life again (that's the main reason I was depressed years ago)
~I want to keep remembering that life begins at the edge of my comfort zone, even if it's super-hard to get there

What's hard for you?

What's something you think might make you feel just a little more alive, but you just don't have the courage to go there yet?

-Having a difficult conversation with someone close to you in order to bring a breath of fresh air to the relationship?
-Thinking about steps you'd need to take to leave a horrible, stressful job?
-Is it fermenting veggies, like in my last post?

That might sound silly, but it's totally valid.

When I was in cooking school, many assignments gave me anxiety, until I eased into them and felt the resulting happiness, relief that it wasn't as hard as I'd feared and a sense of accomplishment.

A lot of clients have told me they feel intimidated at the thought of making milk kefir (yes, I'm still on a whole food probiotic kick ;D )

Milk kefir is a fermented beverage that contains beneficial probiotics.

-It's high in vitamin B12 which helps with the assimilation of vitamin A, which is required for looking younger naturally.
-It also contains vitamin K2, which prevents wrinkling and premature skin aging.
-It also helps reduce food cravings because the body feels more nourished.

I add it to my smoothie for creaminess and flavor (and for a jolt of probiotic goodness).

Here's a video that shows how I do it :)

Enjoy, and keep dancing at your comfort zone's edge.


Milk Kefir

-4 cups whole milk, pasture-raised (also called grass-fed) or raw
-1 packet kefir starter (I use Body Ecology)
-1 scoop prebiotic, to feed the starter (I use EcoBloom by Body Ecology) 

 Optional Equipment
-1/2 gallon mason jar
-canning funnel

1. Add packet of kefir starter and prebiotic to the jar
2. Heat the milk to 90 degrees
3. Pour milk into the jar and whisk so that it combines with the starter/prebiotic
4. Let ferment on your counter for 12 to 24 hours 

Making transfers

-Instead of using another packet when going to make a new batch of kefir, you can use 6 tbsp of the existing batch to create a new one; so that would be 4 cups of whole milk + 6 tbsp of existing kefir
-You can do this 6 times before you need to use a new kefir packet

Spring Clean Your Gut (+ Recipe + Video!!)

Ok. You're probably sick of hearing about your gut, but just stick with me.

Spring cleaning your gut is all about having good gut bacteria.

We hit on this back in the summer when I zoodled my pinkie nail right off (!) and countered the course of antibiotics I was put on with whole food probiotics.

What are some reasons why you'd want more good gut bacteria than bad?

To get glowing skin
To feel more satisfied after meals
To reduce sugar cravings
To increase digestion

And the #1 reason you want good gut bacteria….to lose weight.

Overweight people have more of a type of gut bacteria that causes them to extract more calories from food, making them gain weight.*

And now I’m gonna just go there and get a little graphic…

There was a ground-breaking study done in 2013 of twins where the gut bacteria from the obese twin was transferred into a thin mouse and the mouse grew fat.

And when the bacteria from the thin twin was put into a thin mouse, the mouse stayed thin as long as it ate a healthy diet.*

Pretty cool, huh?  (Nothin' like a little talk about fecal transplants to whet your appetite! ;D )

Anyway :) of the most awesome ways to boost good gut bacteria and get thin is by eating fermented (cultured) veggies.

Guess what I’m going to write next…

Yup, ferment your own veggies :)

It's not that hard (!), just give it shot. Below you'll find a recipe for Fresh + Light Cultured Veggies.

And to show you that fermenting is not that difficult once you wrap your head around the mechanics, I've made a quick video.

Enjoy and have fun with it!


* Info credit: Brain Maker, David Perlmutter, MD


Fresh + Light Cultured Veggies

-2 medium heads of tightly packed cabbage, shredded in a food processor (NOTE: keep the outer cabbage leaves, these will be used later)
-4 carrots, shredded in a food processor
-5 to 6 scallions, thinly sliced
-2 to 4 tbsp chopped fresh ginger
-1 to 2 tbsp red pepper flakes
-1 orange, juiced and zested
-1 to 2 garlic cloves, minced (optional but it adds good flavor)
-2 tbsp honey or 1-3 scoops of EcoBloom (a prebiotic, I use Body Ecology **)
-1 packet of a culture starter (I use Body Ecology **)
-some type of veggie for the brine (I used broccoli stalks), or you could use some of the shredded cabbage

-food processor
-very large bowl **
-high powered blender
-4 or 5 quart size mason jars (I bought a 6 pack)
-canning funnel **
-dowel (optional)

1. Take a packet of the culture starter and the prebiotic (honey or EcoBloom) and add it to a bowl with 1 1/2 cups of warm water (90 degrees); let it sit for at least 20 minutes.

2. After they are shredded and cut, put the cabbage, carrots, scallions, ginger, red pepper flakes, orange zest and garlic into a very large bowl.

3. While you are waiting for the culture starter to be ready, put the orange juice, the broccoli stalks, other greens or a handful or two of the shredded cabbage and add it to a blender with water filled about 3/4 of the way up the container (this depends on how big your cabbage heads are); blend well.

4. When the culture starter/prebiotic mixture is ready, add it to the brine.

5. Add the culture starter/brine mixture to the bowl of veggies and combine well, even squeezing the veggies with your hands a bit to create a bit more liquid.

6. Begin filling each of the mason jars, packing down the veggies very tightly with a dowel or the back of a thick wooden spoon; leave about 2 inches at the top for the veggies to expand and pour the rest of the brine on top of them, making sure they are covered in liquid.

7. Roll up a cabbage leaf and insert it at the top of each jar, still making sure the veggies are below the liquid; put the lids on.

8. Let the jars sit out at least 3 days, preferably a week and then refrigerate.

Creates many servings; if you have 1/2 cup a day with lunch or dinner it could last you about a month

**I'm an affiliate of Body Ecology and Amazon, so I get a small commission if you purchase through the links above 




Eat The Yolks (+ Recipe)

No recommendation has created more unsatisfied, grazing-all-day people than advice back in the day to reduce dietary fat.

Because that's when we started eating more carbs and sugar to make up for it.

I once ate a WHOLE box of Snackwell chocolate fudge cookies in one sitting. Not kidding. This was shortly after being "good" and loading up on carbs for dinner.

But back to the title of this post.

The food that strikes fear in the hearts of so many is the whole egg.

Fear of cholesterol and fat ushered in the era of the dreaded and tasteless egg white omelet. I've never had one that (fully) satisfied my taste buds or me for more than an hour.

And no one ever looks truly happy eating an egg white omelet.

But you should see the look of ecstasy on the face of a person who's just pierced the yolk of an egg over-easy.

When you eat the whites but not yolks you're eating a fragmented food, which will cause your body to crave the rest.+

Which means you're going to give into something else….like carbs or sugar.

You're probably going to say "But what about cholesterol Lauren??"

Cholesterol in foods has virtually no impact on the cholesterol level of your blood.+

The problem is when the cholesterol becomes damaged (oxidized), which causes inflammation and then narrowing of the arteries.*

To keep cholesterol from oxidizing, give your body good fats and cut back on carbs.*

You're also going to say "But eating fat will make me fat!!"


Healthy fat does not make you fat. Carbs and sugar do.

Healthy fat gets burned for steady energy, while carbs and sugar (if you eat too much) will get stored as fat.

And if you're eating a lot of carbs, sugar, even fruit or a fragmented food like egg whites, you're going to constantly look for the next meal.

Am I right? (I've been there too, so I know).

And if you're always hungry, you're gonna keep on eating.

So let's do this right and do this deliciously. The recipe below was inspired by a trip to an awesome country bar in Hoboken, NJ—yes, I was pleasantly surprised to discover there's one there—two actually!

Enjoy, my fellow whole egg lovers <3


Info credits:  +Dr. Frank Lipman, *Dr. David Permlutter


Creamy Deviled Eggs


6 eggs, pasture-raised
4 oz cream cheese, softened (pasture-raised, if possible) 
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
2 tbsp half + half
Capers and parsley for garnish, optional


1. Get a bowl of ice water ready as you bring a pot of water (enough to cover the eggs) to a boil;  Once boiling, carefully lower the eggs straight from the fridge into the water.  Cook for 12 minutes; keep an eye on the situation as you'll need to keep the heat high in order to get back to a boil, then reduce it to a slow simmer.

2. Once done cooking, gently remove the eggs and place them in the ice bath for at least 15 minutes. (You can even do this step the day before and keep the eggs in the ice water in the fridge until ready to use).

3. Peel the eggs, blot dry, cut in half lengthwise and remove the yolks; place the whites aside.

4. In a food processor, add the egg yolks, cream cheese, salt, garlic powder, cayenne powder and half + half. Pulse until just combined and fluffy.

5. Fill the whites with the yolk mixture using a pastry bag, small cookie scoop or spoon; top with capers and parsley.


Why So S.A.D.? (+ Recipe)

I've always gotten the winter blues, but one year it was the worst ever. Like, really bad.

This was during my training to become a certified health coach and we were encouraged to experiment with different kinds of diets.

Unfortunately, I chose January to go vegan.

Not the smartest timing.

Not only did I learn that depriving yourself of warming animal products during a time when you should be nutritionally taking care of yourself even more than usual feels pretty miserable (and cold!), I decided (because I do things like I mean it) to also stop taking my fish oil pills for the month.

Because I’m vegan now, right?

The results weren't pretty.

When I finally went back to eating normally (praise the Lord!) and taking fish oil again, I felt like a new woman.

What happened?

Ok, I've always been susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), but for years I'd also been taking fish oil pills, so I was always able to make it through winter relatively unscathed.

A few tropical vacations also helped ;)

S.A.D. has been linked to a biochemical imbalance in the brain, stimulated by shorter daylight hours and a lack of sunlight in winter. 

S.A.D. is also linked to carb cravings and weight gain.

But back to the fish oil…

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which promote proper brain and nerve function. Recent studies also suggest that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil may be helpful in maintaining a healthy emotional balance.

There are three types of omega-3 fatty acids: AHA (alpha-linoleic acid), DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).

AHA is plant-based (think flaxseed, chia and hemp), while DHA and EPA are marine-based. For the most effective type of omega-3, choose marine-based.

To go a step further, Dr. Perlmutter (a neurologist and author of the books Grain Brain and Brain Maker), recommends 1,000 mg a day of DHA.

It may also be necessary to up your intake of vitamin D in the winter. Serotonin, the brain hormone associated with mood elevation, rises with exposure to bright light and falls with decreased sun exposure.

Makes sense right? Since you aren't sunning your buns in the winter, your body isn't going to be making vitamin D on it's own. I go from 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 in warmer weather to 4,000 IU in colder.

You might be wondering why I didn't supplement with a vegan source of omega-3. Well, I did the next year (while continuing to eat delicious animal products) and I started to careen down the same S.A.D. path once again, until I went back on the fish oil.

But a more fun way to get omega-3 is through food! (You knew I was gonna say that, right?)

One of the highest sources of omega-3, aside from wild salmon, is sablefish (also called black cod or butterfish).

It's rich and buttery. In the recipe below I gilded that omega-3 lily by coating the fish in sprouted flax meal and I perfumed it with luscious, nostalgic nutmeg.

Savor it and smile :)


Info credit: Andrew Weil, Dr. Mercola and Psychology Today


Flax-Meal Crusted Sablefish + Quick Arugula Salad

Ingredients for the crusted sablefish
-2 tbsp flax meal
-1 tbsp ground nutmeg
-1/2 tsp salt
-1 or 2 tbsp ghee (or grass-fed butter)
-2 sablefish filets (I get mine from*

Ingredients for the salad
-1 tbsp apple cider vinegar with "the mother"
-1/2 tsp blackstrap molasses
-1/4 tsp nutmeg
-pinch of salt
-2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
-1/2 of a 5 oz package of pre-washed arugula

Directions for the sablefish

1. Combine the flax meal, ground nutmeg and salt in a dish and press the tops of the sablefish filets into the mixture.

2. Heat a pan over medium heat, add the ghee and then place the filets into the pan crusted-side down; cook for 3 minutes, flip, cover the pan and cook for another 3 minutes; turn the heat off and remove the pan from the hot burner; allow the fish to rest in the pan with the lid on for another 3 minutes and serve.

Directions for the salad

1. Add the vinegar, blackstrap molasses, nutmeg and salt to a salad bowl and combine with a whisk; once combined, slowly whisk in the olive oil.

2. Add the arugula to the bowl and toss to combine.

Serves 2.

*Just a heads up. I'm a proud Vital Choice affiliate. I've loved their products for a couple of years now, so it recently made sense to start working with them. If you purchase the sablefish through the link above, I'll earn a small commission. And just so you know, I don't endorse anything as an affiliate unless I use it myself. 

Confessions of a Soup Lover (+ Recipe)

I’m getting a bit of a reputation for my love of soup, so let's just go with it ;)

Let's start with what I'm NOT looking for in a soup:

-Wimpy consommé
-Strange fluorescent yellow liquid with green flecks floating in it
-Canned soup with grey, lifeless veggies and preservatives
-Mounds of ramen noodles with liquid, that won't satisfy me for very long
-Envelopes of powder/particles that get reconstituted with water….blech!

Soup that I AM interested in:

-Filling (almost too filling!) and chock full of whole veggies
-Full of vibrant flavor
-Not much liquid—it's almost an after-thought
-Pureed, super-thick and satisfying

WHY I use soup as a weight management and beauty-boosting tool:

-It's gorgeously delicious to eat for a few days in a row (batch-cook-it baby)
-As mentioned before (it bears repeating!)…. it's filling
-It'll warm you in the winter and cool you off in the summer
-You can pack it up if you have to eat on the go
-You can get most of your veggies in for the day this way
-You can squeeze a lot of nutrition into it, like I do with my morning smoothie. As Hippocrates (often credited as the father of modern medicine) said:

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".

You can create a soup to:

-Stay younger looking by using sulfur-rich cruciferous veggies like cauliflower and kale
-Boost digestion by using beets and fennel
-Or feed that sweet craving by using sweet potatoes and butternut squash

Soup isn't the only thing I eat when I sit down to feast.

I also get to eat healthy fats and proteins, along with cultured veggies and a salad or another veggie…or maybe another soup!

The batch soup below contains beets (think good digestion…and you can use the greens in a salad!) and cauliflower (glowing skin).

Bon appetite :)


Bodacious Beet Soup

-4 tbsp grass-fed butter (use cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil if you're vegan)
-2 large onions, diced
-1 clove garlic, minced
-Bunch of beets (ex: 2 large, 3 medium), peeled and diced
-1 head of cauliflower, cut into chunks
-2 large carrots, chopped
-4 cups water
-2 tbsp prepared horseradish
-Ricotta salata, sliced thin (you can do this with a veggie peeler) (omit if you're vegan) 
-Pistachios, shelled and chopped

1. Heat the butter in a large pot over medium heat; add in onions and 1/2 tsp salt and cook until translucent (about 5 mins) and then add in the garlic and cook until fragrant (about 2 mins).
2. Add the beets, cauliflower, carrots, another 1/2 tsp of salt and water and bring to a boil; cook until the veggies are tender, about 12 to 15 minutes.
3. Turn off the heat, puree the soup with an immersion blender and stir in the horseradish; top each bowl with the pistachios and ricotta salata.

Makes about 6 servings.