I'm a certified coach, a Spiritual Teacher of all relationships, a Poet and a PSYCH-K® Facilitator.

My purpose is to spread my love and enthusiasm to awaken, uplift and embolden others in creating a deliberate life filled with love, joy and magic.

I give expression to my purpose through blog posts and articles I write, the workshops I lead and through my coaching and PSYCH-K® facilitating.

As a coach/facilitator, I work with people who desire to be healthy in body, mind and Spirit and are ready to create magic in their relationship with their partners (if they have one), their purpose, sex, Life and most vitally, themselves.

Magic means different things to each of us. To me, it means feeling alive, being fully self expressed and All that I am, living with the deliberate intention to expand my consciousness and bring it to all my relationships, especially the one with myself. It also means re-membering that I'm one with nature and cultivating an ever growing understanding of the deep wisdom of the Universe and using that knowledge in service to my Purpose and my life.


My education in relationships has been ongoing throughout my entire life. I bring the knowledge gained from those powerful experiences into my coaching/facilitating sessions.

I received my first coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am also certified in the Quantum Coaching Method™ and I'm a Facilitator of PSYCH-K®, a powerful process for rapid mindset change.  

My Spiritual nature was revealed through years of meditation, loving the light and dark within me, through the exquisite expansion of my consciousness, the development of my connection to Nature, and the discovery of the breathtaking Universe inside me.


If you're like me and are wanting to be vital in mind/body/Spirit and have the relationships in your life flourish, contact me (phone: 1-908-421-5204; email: and we can create time for a discovery call where we'll talk about your desires, what's stopping you from getting them, and how we could work together to have you get what you want.

Much Love,