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The Blessing I Received Through Mourning My Mom

To say that I experienced a lot of death in my life would be putting it mildly. The fact that much of it occurred during my developmental years exponentially increased its power to affect me. MORE

The Long, Slow (Almost) Death of My Ego

I spent most of my life feeling shy and overly disciplined, and believing the thoughts and opinions of others, so much so that I could not hear my distinct inner knowing. MORE


6 Pathways to Living As the Divine Feminine

I spent many years toiling as the Masculine—getting things done, but not letting in the unparalleled Power of the Feminine. I had disowned her. My sharply warped perception had me believe she was weak and needy and I preferred instead to function as her opposite. MORE


7 Smart Reasons To Ditch “Who’s the Fairest of Them All?” For Good

“Who’s the fairest of them all?”

Nothing messed with my mind more than this phrase.

It took years to realize it though. I started seeing it in other women and naming it in my head. MORE


10 Signs You're a Sorceress

As you let the word Sorceress settle deep inside you, do flashes of long-forgotten joy and power fire off within you?

That’s what it did for me when the word came into my field of consciousness in a meaningful way.  MORE


Conscious Darkness: How I Learned to Grieve 

I’ve been afraid of the feeling of grief for as long as I can remember.

The first time I experienced it was when my Uncle Frank died.  MORE