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6 years ago, as I continued to hold the deep intention for meaningful work within me, I eagerly read an article on the website mindbodygreen. It touched me in ways I couldn't fully understand.

By the end of the piece, I was desperate to know who wrote it.

It was written by a woman who was a health coach, something I had never heard of before. I was transfixed.

And so began my dive into the world of coaching.

I realize now that I would have deeply benefited from my own coaches teaching me about coaching during each session, in real-time, as I sometimes did not understand what was happening and my attention would get swallowed up during and after the session in trying to figure it out.  

And so I offer the following words to you to have you feel what coaching is like with me.

If you have the knowing while reading this letter that you would like to connect with me and explore what coaching would be like, reach out to me and we will set up a time to have a discovery call of up to 90 minutes over video. In this call, we will talk about what you desire, what the obstacles are to getting what you want and feel what it's like to be in each other's energy. We will both decide if it's right to coach together.

May reading this letter amplify your understanding of coaching!


Dear Reader,

Coaching is an empowered relationship. Together, we are creating a coaching container. In this container, as we both have our attention on the things you want to create, that attention holds space for them to happen. David R. Hawkins, writing about Quantum Mechanics in his book Letting Go, states this beautifully: "...reality [is] profoundly affected and alterable by the mere act of observation."

This is why starting with being clear on what you want and why you want it will be some of the most powerful work we do together.

During our sessions, I will ask deeper questions than you might be used to receiving. I do this so that you'll reply from the deepest part of yourself, the One that knows the answer. Relax and respond as best you can, never making yourself wrong if it doesn't emerge in the way you'd like. Stay curious and nonjudgmental, knowing that everything necessary is being revealed. A teacher of mine used to say "progress not perfection." This is an amazing mantra to remove stuckness and self-criticism!

My role in our sessions is not to be the expert and give you the answers. If I did that, I'd be functioning as a consultant. I guide and you lead. I might intuit an answer and ask if that feels right to you, but my role is to empower you to find your own answers, thereby creating connection to purpose, partnership and yourself that is uniquely you.

There may be times when it might be helpful for me to switch to the energy of a teacher, to share information that could be helpful on your journey. You have the choice to accept this teaching, or not!

May you always feel free to ask a question for clarification, being aware of why you are asking it—is it to understand and thus empower yourself, or to take the focus away from something that you'd rather not keep our attention on?

My intuition might prompt me to point out something that could be blocking you. Depending on the situation, I may or may not ask permission to do this. Please know that I'm acting from the deepest part of me, in service to you.

I may also interrupt you at times if it feels that we have drifted off our trail. The energy behind this is love and compassion. If it feels otherwise and is triggering, please let me know.


Although coaching is and can be healing, it is not therapy. Coaching is about creating something in the future, while also honoring all that has happened to get you to this place, including and especially, this very moment. Painful memories and feelings may come up as we work together, and coaching with me can include transmuting that pain and changing the perception of it so that you can continue on your path, expanding and growing into the being that you are. And if expanding and growing into the being that you are is triggering you, we will put our attention there!

Coaching brings awareness to your world, to your thinking and to your actions and we compassionately hold that knowing in our sessions to create where to go next. It will be invaluable to bring this awareness out into your life, which will strengthen our work together. As you become more aware, this amplifies who you are being, giving you the ability to transmute negative perceptions and allowing you act from a more empowered place in all parts of your life.

Part of the transmutation that happens in our time together is a result of the process of PSYCH-K® that I facilitate during our sessions. The process changes your subconscious mind, which is in control of your experience 95% of the time and can be programmed with limiting beliefs from when you were younger and even more recently. Limiting beliefs can affect how you show up in the world and are not you.

PSYCH-K® can be used to transform perceptions and feelings of stress, or to program the subconscious mind with empowering beliefs, called goal statements.

Any goal statements we co-create with PSYCH-K® during the coaching session I will email you afterwards. They beautifully capture the essence of each session and may be helpful to review during our time apart as a way to stay in the energy of our work. You might want to say them as a mantra, delighting your conscious mind.


It may be helpful to know that I see the highest part of you in each session, knowing that you can have what you say you want.

I may also challenge you at times to break through blocks and conditioned ways of thinking and stories that you may have picked up along the way. If something comes up around being challenged, let me know and we will put attention there.


Action steps are another important part of this work, which will be created during the session. The actions bring what we've created throughout our time together into your life. As you may know, change happens as you not only learn, but also integrate and apply the information in your life. As you do this, you start to act differently and ultimately your way of being is different.

Do not make yourself wrong if the actions are challenging, because everything is here for your learning and growth! Everything. I invite you to bring your beautiful truth into the next session regarding the actions—I am a compassionate co-creator and not here to judge! Whatsoever you bring into the session we will work with like clay.


My ultimate role as your coach is to empower you to be your own coach, to hold space for yourself in between sessions and after our time together. I invite you to stay with whatever is coming up outside of our sessions (I'll teach you how to let go/surrender to what is) and make note of anything that you'd like to transform the next time we meet, if you haven't already transmuted it.

It's important to highlight that during our coaching relationship, we will plant seeds that will continue to sprout for years to come. Coaching is like that, it has a continuous effect.

It also seems right to mention that the point in all of this is not getting the things you want (which are wonderful!), but what you experience, how you are being and who you become along the way.

May you powerfully unfold into all that you came here to be!

Much Love,


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