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Re-Align With Your Divine Masculine + Feminine

By Lauren Malloy + David Wang

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Would you like to step into your Divine potential as men and women?

As a result of social conditioning, our society has exemplified and encouraged the wounded masculine and feminine.

This leads to...

-A loss of personal power, creating problems in the way we relate to our own lives

-Feelings of victimization

-Recurring patterns and drama in relationships

-Separation from our Divine power


Join us, Lauren Malloy (Certified Coach, Spiritual teacher of all relationships, writer + poet and PSYCH-K® Facilitator) and David Wang (Certified Tantra Educator and PSYCH-K® Facilitator) in a journey to the embodiment of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. It’s time for us to transcend our wounds and take back our power.

This intimate and engaging workshop was created in 3 parts to honor the:

-MIND (through discussion and sharing about both the wounded and Divine Masculine + Feminine)

-BODY (through interactive exercises to magnify and embody the Divine) and

-SPIRIT (through a meditation to activate the Divine Masculine + Feminine, and a tantric puja, in which we see the Divine in ourselves and others)


Benefits of the workshop

-Connection with others

-Increased confidence

-Greater sense of personal power

-Tools to dive deeper into the Divine Masculine + Feminine

-Deeper relationship to your own inner Masculine or Feminine

-Greater radiance

-More love and appreciation of humanity

-Flushed, glowing face :)



May we see you there and revel in the amplification of your Divine presence, openness, and flow!

Much love,


*Space in this workshop is limited and is designed to be gender balanced.

**Please arrive on time. We will be starting promptly at 7PM.

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