Belief Change

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I quietly stood off to the side, letting my sister Cara absorb everyone's attention in the room.

 She couldn't help it. Her Being shined brightly and would not be ignored.

 I was about 6 years old and this was a regular occurrence.

 During this time, I developed a belief that it's not safe and not ok to be seen.

 And so I contented myself in living a life that was more toned down than my spirit would have liked.

 This way of being served me for years.

 Until I decided to become a coach.

 As a coach—in order to be an agent of change in people's lives—you must be seen!

 Therefore I began breaking through the old programming.

 I relied on sheer force of will for a while, until I was finally ready to find PSYCH-K®, which reprograms the subconscious mind, where limiting beliefs are stored.

In reprogramming the limiting belief that it's not ok to be seen, I healed and blossomed into a woman who could hold her power in coaching sessions, find pleasure and purpose in leading workshops and revealing my vulnerabilities as a way to grow along with others.

Please read below for more on this powerful process.

Much Love,


After being profoundly affected by it, I have integrated the process of PSYCH-K® into my coaching sessions.

Bruce Lipton, the cell biologist, describes PSYCH-K® as an energy-based psychological healing method.

Rob Williams, who received the work of PSYCH-K®, describes it as a spiritual process with psychological benefits.

It is essentially a subconscious belief change process.

Beliefs are formed when we are young (between 0 and 7 years old) and are created as a result of the interactions with our parents or caregivers, childhood experiences and cultural conditioning and they are stored in the subconscious mind. 

These subconscious beliefs create perceptual filters.

It's like putting on a pair of tinted glasses. We see the world differently through those lenses. As Rob states in his book, "Beliefs are filters for reality—you see the world not as IT IS…but as YOU ARE!"

Many of these beliefs are limiting and they can stay programmed in our subconscious mind, holding us back from reaching our full capacity, for our entire lives.

Some common beliefs are "I'm not good enough" and "I don't really trust myself to do a good job".

Empowering beliefs are "I am competent", "I am powerful" and "I am safe".

The reason that upgrading these beliefs is important is because even though they may not be in our awareness, the subconscious mind (where these beliefs are stored) is in control of our lives 95% of the time!

Through PSYCH-K® balances, limiting beliefs can be reprogrammed into the subconscious mind as positive, life-enhancing statements.

In doing this work, I feel safe to be seen in the world, I'm a deeper and more loving person and I transformed the perception of much of the stress/trauma in my life. As a result of the work, I know that I'm a Spiritual Being having a human experience and I'm being that!  I'm also a force of Love in the world, and I know that we are all that!

Some of what clients have experienced: more ease and joy in one man's life, a woman realized a major life goal, another client noticed that what she thought she wanted wasn't in her highest good and so she got what she needed instead—beautiful Femininity and a partner! Clients have also called in a person to be in relationship with and go through the powerful process of growth that comes from authentically relating to another human.

If you are interested in experiencing a small taste of what a PSYCH-K® balance is like, email me and we can schedule a free discovery call over video, where we'll talk about what you'd like to create in your life, what's stopping you (including limiting beliefs) and we will do a small PSYCH-K®  balance as part of that session.

May you easily create what you want in this beautiful Life!

Much love,