Spiced Popcorn




-1/2 tsp cinnamon
-1/8 tsp chipotle powder
-1/2 tsp Lakanto monkfruit sweetener
-1/2 tsp salt
-3 tbsp unrefined and cold-pressed coconut oil, for popping
-1/2 cup organic popcorn (I use Arrowhead Mills)
-2 tbsp melted coconut oil or ghee (optional, but do it if you wanna be sassy)


1. Mix the cinnamon, chipotle powder, sweetener and salt in a small bowl.
2. Heat the 3 tbsp of coconut oil and 3 corn kernels in a large heavy bottomed pot over medium high heat.
3. When all 3 kernels pop, add the rest of the popcorn and begin shaking the pot constantly over the heat, as the kernels pop. **NOTE: once the popcorn starts popping, make sure the heat is high enough so that the corn is popping loudly--if it's not there will be many un-popped kernels.
4. When there are a couple of seconds in between pops, remove the pot from the stove and pour the popped corn into a very large bowl. Season with the spice mixture. Drizzle the coconut oil or ghee onto the popcorn, if desired.
5. Enjoy ;)