Pre-Vacation Veggie-Loading (+ Recipe)

It's kinda like when marathoners carbo-load before a race.

I'll be road-trippin it to BBH, Maine soon (Boothbay Harbor, for the uninitiated) and there won’t be as many veggies as I’m used to. What there will be is glorious lobster—sautéed, buttered (on a buttered roll no less), served with champagne cream sauce. Did I mention the chocolate lover’s ice cream for lunch?

Yes, I'll be forced to endure rich foods when I'm away :). But before then I'll totally be veggie-loading.

One recipe in rotation will be beet carpaccio (you read that right—beets, not beef ;) ) with striped beets from an awesome farmers market in Princeton (they're on Witherspoon Street every Thursday 'til Thanksgiving).  Recipe below. Beets are high in silicon, which is fabulous for skin and help purify your blood and liver. 

When I get to BBH, I'll have some strategies there as well:

-I'll be drinking lots of water (half my body weight in ounces)
-I'll be packin green powder like its heat (fermented spirulina and vitality super greens).
-I'll be toting Cocobiotic, fermented coconut water that's an awesome probiotic and prebiotic—hell, I might even drink some during breakfast at the hotel, who cares if people think I'm nuts, right? ;)
-I’ll ask for a non-starchy vegetable at dinner, in place of a starch (ex: green beans instead of potatoes or rice).

What are your travel tricks? Leave a comment below.


P. S. There are more veggie recipes on my site… here and here and here

Beet Carpaccio

-2 to 4 beets, or as many as you have, whole with stem in place, scrubbed well
-extra virgin olive oil or cold pressed avocado oil
-chopped hazelnuts
-salt + pepper
-fennel seeds (optional)

1. Steam the beets whole until they are tender (approx 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the size)
2. Once steamed to your liking, let them cool slightly and then carefully peel the skin off and slice them into a bowl with a mandolin
3. Arrange on a plate, top with nuts and optional fennel seeds and drizzle with the oil