That Time I Went Speed Dating…

At the core of what I'm about is the idea that it doesn't have to be so hard. You can be happy and look younger naturally, which includes a weight that's healthy for you, without all the craziness.

I want all this for myself too! Which is where the speed dating comes in. More on that in a bit ;)

What I'm not about is a quick fix. Because those do not last.

I want us both to be in a place where we can fully enjoy a piece of cake and not fall off a cliff. It's about sustainable, long lasting results.

Why avoid extreme quick fixes or restrictive ways of eating to look good?  

I don't know about you, but I want to enjoy the hell out of my life.

And that does NOT include being hungry, starving myself or swinging between the extremes of not eating enough and then over-eating.

Yes, I eat what's considered super-healthy about 90 percent of the time. I do this by eating healthy stuff that tastes delicious--like the recipes that I share with you regularly.

But if I'm out with my girls and someone wants to order a rich dessert--ok, that person is usually me ;)--I go for it. I do it because it's pleasurable and fun. But I know that I'll go right back to my nutritionally jacked-up foods the next day. Because they make me feel good, they give me energy, they help me look younger. They taste GOOD. They don't leave me hungry after 5 minutes and they are not depriving.

Maintaining a healthy weight and looking younger is also about more than food.

Challenging relationships, lack of social connections, stress level, etc. can affect how you look and as well as what you're choosing to eat. Not being in an engaging relationship is something that can affect happiness. Which brings me to why I went speed dating :)

Realizing what you want (for me—it includes being in a stimulating relationship, maintaining my ideal weight and looking younger naturally), and then taking baby-steps (sometimes fun ones, like dating in 3-minute intervals ;) ) to move toward it is part of the process. Even if (and sometimes especially if) that means dancing close to the edge of my comfort zone.

If you want to make it easier to attain a healthy weight or look younger naturally (hell, why not go for both??) grab a slot for a free 50 minute consult with me.


Btw, here's another delicious, healthy recipe. <3