Body-Thrive Through the Holidays—My Healthy + Delectable Recipe Ebook Is Here!

Fantasize with me for a sec…experiencing the cold (typically over-indulgent) holiday season with a sense of being energized, light and nourished.

Feeling good in your body. Sounds damn good, doesn't it?

Yes, it's possible. You just need some tools.

#1 on that list are recipes. I'm talkin delicious, healthy, satisfying ones.

Which is what I've created—a collection of recipes essential for this season.

Recipes that will make you feel so good that you won't want to eat or make those old holiday recipes that make you feel like crap and beat yourself up.

Because starving yourself and then going hog-wild at a holiday get-together is no way to treat your beautiful body.

Let your body thrive instead.

A bit about the collection…

These recipes contain no gluten or white sugar.

They do include:

Healthy fats – required for brain health (our brains are at least 60% fat, so it's necessary to feed our fat brain with fat :D) and to help us feel nourished and satisfied, so we don’t overeat.

Superfoods – to increase energy…and libido—who doesn't want that? ;)

High quality animal products – I'm talking salmon that isn't farm-raised and eggs, butter and ghee (clarified butter) from pasture-raised animals.

Vegan sources of protein  -- quinoa (I'm still in love with you quinoa, even after all these years) and tempeh (fermented soybeans).

Vegetables, glorious vegetables…need I say more.

Click HERE to get the recipe ebook.

Savor these recipes and have an exceptional holiday season :)


P.S. If you want to take body-thriving through the holidays deeper, sign up for a free session with me.