Throughout this journey, I've often felt like a huge chunk of marble
That's getting chiseled bit by bit

At times a big piece will fall off the block that is me;
Causing immense pain as it clunks to the ground

Other times it's just subtle shards that slip off;
Which don't seem like much,
But have the effect of lightening me and shifting my perceptions

The more I chip away, the more I think I'll be done.
But I am not!

A different area gets focused on;
And more potential pain

Then surges of joy as I see the resultant growth, manifestations and beauty

Everything that falls away will always be a part of me,
If only as a memory;
But it has served it's purpose and is no longer needed

I love each piece that slides away,
Especially those that caused me the most suffering

Because these have me wake up the most
And learn quickly and intrinsically what I need to

I bless it
I release it
I revel in my work-in-progress-ness!

And I surrender to what must be let go of next

All the parts that I agreed to possess when I came here,
They all serve their purpose;
Even if they appear to be creating the opposite of what I want

My purposeful sculpting reveals the gem behind the fear-laden protective chunks

And has me own that I am a fearless, loving, creative  



~~Lauren Malloy