He felt so open, so connected and so vulnerable as I started to speak, and I was almost drawn back into him.

Instead I began with the truth, telling him that I was nervous to talk because I feared I would change my mind when I was in his energy.

This admission miraculously gave me strength and ease in telling him that I wanted to end the relationship.

I told him clearly that my desire is to be with a man who is grounded and connected to himself first and foremost, then to his mission and purpose (and kids if he has them) and then to me and only me.

And the same for me… connected to myself first, then to my purpose and then to him and only him.

I ended it with love and compassion.

And I thanked him wholeheartedly for not attempting to change my mind.

If I had, I would be putting his happiness above my own, which was once a huge pattern in my life, and one that needed to remain broken.

With this vision boldly clarified and declared, I turned my attention back to me
To my sacred focal point
To take care of myself on all levels
Knowing ever more deeply that I am the only one who can and is supposed to do it

Recommitting to myself
And to my Purpose
In all the ways it does and will manifest

Continuing to tread this beautiful path as it unfolds right before me … fully surrendered and open

~~Lauren Malloy