I had major resistance to posting this picture and my self-judgment that it's not meaningful  

And I'm posting it because I simply love it….and because I realized that it *is* immensely meaningful 

I know that a big part of the power in pictures comes from who's taking them and how you feel about him or her and the situation you're in 

I love that this one was taken by Me and it shows my pure essence

As I look at it, I feel the joy which is the result of the accumulated energy of all that I had experienced in the potent week that it was taken, along with giddy exhaustion

I feel radiant Love and approval of all that I am, without cosmetic enhancements, as I let my spirit shine through my Being

In it I feel my Little Girl who was re-awakened this year, alive as she ever was and ready to play

I see the woman who feels her unique beauty and radiance and delights in sharing it with others and who sees the beauty and radiance in them too

I detect underlying sadness, perhaps a premonition of what I will soon allow myself to experience and feel 

I notice a woman who's no longer afraid to feel her darkest emotions, knowing that I can be with myself as I feel them and move through them 

I see the pure joy that's possible when I allow myself to feel it 

I see a vulnerable openness that wasn't there before

I see a woman who's not afraid to ask for what she wants and is courageously unattached to the outcome

I notice a woman who more and more has come to love herself as she is, coaxing out an even more powerful version of It

I see a woman who is fully alive and in the present moment