Light + Dark

Light and Dark.jpg

The truth about being a coach is you’re not meant to be someone who has everything pulled together, achieved and perfectly figured out

That’s really not the point at all

It’s to hold space to empower others to live their lives to the fullest and grandest 

And the even deeper reason for being a coach—the one I resisted for so long—is it’s a potent way to grow yourself 

And growing yourself can be painful!

Truly living the life of a coach brings up old core wounds over and over again until you finally can be with them so that they release their hold on you

It took me years to be able to be with the core belief that “I’m not good enough”

I resisted that it was actually present in my experience (I can be quite good at pushing away unwanted thoughts and feelings)

I couldn’t accept that it’s just a belief that I’ve held onto and not who I am 

And what I couldn’t understand once I was able to see it, was that it didn’t have to be obliterated from my world—it can still exist, but not control me

The more I could be with it without pushing it away, denying it or trying to fix it 

The more alive I felt as I surrendered to the pain that was tied to it and let it wash over and through me 

The more empowered I became, as I let that string of words just be there with no attachment 

The more I grew in compassion for every other human who is holding onto the same belief, and similar beliefs 

The more awake I became to helping others unhook from painful beliefs and feelings as well 


I could have stayed in a corporate job

With the stability that it provided 

And I never would have gotten to touch the depths of who I am as I have in this wilderness that is my Life 

Each struggle has me become more present,
more surrendered, 
more willing to be with myself—all parts of myself
To hold myself, 
and to trust in what Life brings me

Learning to live by an internal guide 
that has me appreciate all the moments when I reach what I want to create
Yet knowing that the end-goal isn't the real reason I persist 

It’s to be that person I’m here to be, as I continually act in ways that honor what I desire
Working my way through every obstacle 
Coming out Lighter 

And gratefully empowered because I’ve learned to meet, be with, and even Love my darkness

Because I am both light and dark ☯

Much love,

Photo credit: Kiersten Gluck